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What Is Jeet Kune Do?

Jeet Kune Do was created by the late Bruce Lee during the course of his lifetime. Jeet Kune Do translates as “The Way of The Intercepting Fist” and evolved from Classical Wing Chun to a modified form of Wing Chun to Jun Fan and finally to Jeet Kune Do which was simply appoint of liberation. Bruce Lee stated, “Jeet Kune Do is training and discipline toward the ultimate reality in combat.

The ultimate reality is simple, direct and free.” Bruce Lee’s goal was to create a combat system that would be more about a person’s individual expression than of some mass product. It is the beginning of a journey toward your own truth and self-discovery. “Jeet Kune Do is merely a name, in a mirror in which we see ourselves, a boat to get us across – and once across, to be discarded and not to be carried on one’s back” – Bruce Lee

It was Bruce Lee’s belief that in learning a martial art, one passed through three stages of development…




The first stage is the “PRIMITIVE STAGE.” It is the stage of ORIGINAL ignorance in which a person knows nothing of the art of combat. In a fight he “simply” blocks and strikes instinctively without a concern as to what is being right and wrong. Of course, he might not be so called scientific but nonetheless BEING HIMSELF and his attack or defense is fluid.


The second stage, the STAGE OF SOPHISTICATION, begins when a person starts training. He is taught that different ways of blocking and striking, and various ways of kicking, of standing, of breathing, thinking…unquestionably he has gained a scientific knowledge of combat, but unfortunately, his original self and sense of freedom are lost and his action no longer flows by itself. His mind tends to freeze at different movements for calculation and analysis; even worse, he might by INTELLECTUALLY BOUND and maintaining himself OUTSIDE the actual reality.


The third stage, the stage of ARTLESSNESS, occurs when, after years of serious and hard practice, he realizes that after all Gung Fu is nothing special and instead of trying to impose his mind, he adjusts himself to the opponent like water pressing on an earthen wall – it flows through the slightest cracks. There is nothing to “try” to do but be purposeless and formless like water. All his “classical” techniques and standard style are minimized (if not wiped out) and nothingness prevails; he is no longer CONFINED.

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