Tony Mazzola

Coach, Founder
Brief info

Tony was a longtime student and certified instructor under Ted Wong & Jerry Poteet.

Tony was a longtime student and certified instructor under Ted Wong. He’s had an extensive background in Martial arts with about 30 years of experience from the age of 16.

With never studying a traditional martial art, that’s probably why Jeet Kune Do became a great fit, because he learned from a blank slate. His first introduction was a PKA kickboxing teacher, who taught him kickboxing for a few years.

Once in the military he taught several individuals along with classes on close combat & overseas deployment to 3rd world countries, on how to survive in in real life street conditions & close quarters fighting.

After leaving the Military he was very curious about Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. So he started to seek out some of Bruce Lee’s original students,  he was grateful & fortunate to meet and train with Jerry Poteet & Ted Wong.

Then in January 1993 he became part of Ted Wong’s core group of private students. In an attempt to keep JunFan Jeet Kune Do as pure as possible Tony only teaches what he was taught by Ted & Jerry.

Tony having taught everyone from children to professional Athletes & military special operation, Tony currently teaches how he was taught only in small very exclusive groups, along with seminars and workshops from time to time.

Tony has conducted over 200 live seminars and trained more then 25,000 individuals on personal development and was also a guest judge on NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice 2011”

Tony has prepared for his career by studying successful people then utilizing the very best unique skills to develop a complete training program that guarantees success for anyone willing to apply it.

That’s where Jeet Kune Do has helped by utilizing all ways of thinking.

Being able to identify common road blocks that prevents people from achieving personal liberation of their mind, body and spirit so they can actually achieve their full potential.

A proven system creates a predictable result!

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