Our conditioning for Jeet Kune Do classes includes footwork, mobility, high level conditioning, body alignment and coordination. This includes but is not limited to heavy bag, striking bag, jump rope, focus mitt drills, sensitivity drills, kicks, punches, ab workouts, proper stretching, and different levels of sparring to include grappling. This specialized knowledge and program provides the opportunity for you, the student, to get in shape at an accelerated rate. It will take you to the next level of conditioning that was created by Bruce Lee.

“Do not expect Bruce Lee like results, unless you are willing to put in the Bruce Lee like hours to obtain them.”

Sifu Ted Wong


Wednesday:7PM – 10PM
Saturday:11AM – 3PM
Sunday:11AM – 3PM


Seminars last about 5 hours and are one day events!


Workshops last about 2 days and are usually on a weekend. This is 5 hours of instructions on the day of the event.

A certificate of attendance is awarded to all who complete the training. Please contact me for details – this is only as my schedule permits.